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Welcome to Bohemian Branches. We are honored to have you. Please read our accessibility statement to understand more about our policies and practices to sustain and further promote inclusivity and create an accessible user interface for all visitors. 

As a small woman-owned-and-operated company, we make every effort to offer a valuable and consistent user experience for everyone. Upon our awareness of the need to improve our company's website to enhance accessibility, we have taken immediate action to remedy all apparent design errors to the best of our ability. We are committed to perpetually expanding our knowledge and refining our design process to upgrade our online environment. 

Our plan

Part of our commitment to enhanced user experience for our diverse audience is a concrete plan that includes:

1. Continuous monitoring of our content for usability errors and 2. Employing the resources and education we need to implement positive design changes. 

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and our efforts to accommodate our visitors are sincere. We seek sustainable, long-term solutions to inclusivity. In lieu of providing a widget like Userway, which to our best knowledge is not helpful to our visitors who already employ a sophisticated assistive technology, we are devoted to creating a site fundamentally suited to usability for everyone including those with screen readers. Should an effective technology or widget become available to us in the future, we will not hesitate to integrate it on our site. For now, we seek to provide meaningful changes in our design interface that work with the more effective technologies already available. 

Transparency & Dedication

We track our progress carefully to assist us in establishing and achieving our usability objectives. Should you have any concerns about our process and timeline for addressing the accessibility of our site, we are happy to provide a timeline of our efforts which include but are not limited to:

  • Usability tests by Siteimprove and Usablenet

  • Design improvements at the suggestion of Usablenet's audit

  • Research on the ADA guidelines and tips for improved usability

  • A usability commitment & plan for continuous improvement

Please email your request to We will respond within three business days. 

Contact us

In the spirit of harmony between us and our visitors, we encourage you to contact us immediately to report any usability errors you encounter on our site so we can reach our full potential to serve you. We appreciate the opportunity to correct our site design and refine our services. Your unique perspective is an invaluable resource for our expansion and we are grateful for your willingness to help us bridge any gaps between us and our audience. We take your feedback to heart and will provide every reasonable accommodation to remedy issues. 

Email We will respond within two business days or less. 

Our content & unique approach 

While much of our content is visual, we attempt to provide detailed descriptions of our products and services that evoke their essence beyond their physical aspects. Our work has meaning and we believe the beauty and harmony reflected through it is transcendent and universal. We believe through our creativity and your unique perspective we can find a way to transcend any physical barriers to working together. Since all our services are fully customized to each client, our business is intrinsically designed to accommodate diversity. To us, obstacles are merely a challenge to our creativity and we welcome the opportunity to expand. 


We are grateful to all who visit our site and hope you find what you are looking for with ease and comfort. We are eager to assist you and invite your constructive feedback. 

With love, 

Savahna Egbert
Founder & CEO 


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