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Minimalist Modern Bride by Bohemian Branches

It's time to become the new icon. 

Weddings are evolving. Style should, too. Welcome to a chic new fashion-forward era in bridal fashion. 

When it comes to finding your bridal attire, you shouldn't feel:

  • Stressed

  • Overwhelmed

  • Uninspired

  • Pressured into traditions that don't align with your values

Bridal fashion should feel like art. 


My chic bridal boutique was created just for you. It is formatted to guide you through an effortless, expert styling process so you can curate your iconic anti-bride style with confidence. 





What is an anti-bride?

Anti-brides are a new generation of brides prioritizing authenticity and personalized weddings over tradition. They see their wedding ceremony as a way to celebrate their love and showcase their unique style in ways that are meaningful and valuable. 

What is the anti-bride trend?

The anti-bride trend is all about embracing authenticity and personalization in the wedding sphere.


It celebrates individuality, creativity, and personal expression. It's about being yourself and doing things that truly represent who you are as a person. Whether it's wearing a non-traditional wedding dress, having a unique wedding venue, or doing something completely unconventional, the anti-bride trend encourages creating a personalized and unforgettable experience.

Every icon tells her own story. Your happily ever after should look like you.

You're the kind of woman who was born to rebel. To write her own love story. To be an icon. You need a fashion-forward alternative to bridal-wear that aligns with your forward-thinking approach to happily ever after, but it feels impossible to find in one curated online space. I know how isolating and discouraging it feels to have a unique vision for your bridal look, but being unable to find exactly what you want without spending hours searching the internet in disappointment. It shouldn‘t be this hard to be chic. That's why I created a unique online  boutique for alternative brides designed to walk you through an expert styling process refined over a lifetime of fashion obsession. You are gently guided through the boutique in a sequence that produces the best aesthetic outcome, so you don’t have to worry about looking your best. It‘s like an expert was right there with you if you need her, yet you maintain complete authority over the creative direction of your wedding day look. Shopping with me is easy, like it should be. You can put your perfect look together here and put inferior fashion behind you. Become the icon you were destined to be.

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