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Evocative & elegant;


A European creative agency specializing in the domains of fashion, floral design, weddings, & interiors founded by Savahna Egbert. 


Welcome! I'm Savahna Egbert, the founder and CEO of Bohemian Branches. I am a florist & fashion stylist with a passion for anthropology and design. Bohemian Branches is the expression of everything I love most about life: beauty, service, and creativity. My work endeavors to return to timelessness and promote the sustainability of planet, mind, body, and soul. 

Bohemian Branches offers unique products and services in the domains of weddings, fashion, and interiors that nurture the feminine spirit. 

 It is my intention for all who enter here to feel honored in their authenticity.


Thank you for stopping by!

bohemian branches


10% of every sale supports the Iranian Women's Movement. Thank you for making this possible. 

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