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Bohemian Branches is a luxury European lifestyle brand & creative agency founded and lead by Savahna Egbert. 

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Welcome! I'm Savahna Egbert, the founder and CEO of Bohemian Branches. I'm happy you're here! I am a floral designer, stylist, & creative director based in southern Germany. I love to serve and connect with others through the creation of beauty.


I have an anthropological background that transforms my work via a unique lens, allowing me to explore diverse perspectives and blend art and culture into something unique and new. I enjoy writing and looking deeply at what makes us human, and how everything connects.  I grew up in a high desert bonded to the earth, music, and poetry, and my relationship with nature influences the direction of my artistic vision. My goal is to contribute joy and love to the planet, and for all who enter here to feel loved and honored in their authenticity. 

From an enchating village in Rhineland-Pfalz, I embrace the art of gentle living and heart-centric entrepreneurship and creativity. My work in fashion and design endeavors to return to timeless values and promote the sustainability of planet, mind, body, and soul. 

I emphasize quality craftsmanship and exceptional personalized service to provide my sophisticated clients a true luxury experience. It is an honor to create art and share it with you. I'm grateful you are here and I hope you find the beauty and inspiration you're looking for.