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infused with Bohemian spirit. 

Dried flowers are an integral part of our human story. From antiquity we have harnessed their medicinal and symbolic properties in times of sickness, grief, and celebration to embellish our experience. Flowers speak louder than words. The technology for preservation has evolved but our desire for storytelling and unity with nature remains. Dried and preserved blooms are abundant as a medium of expression with the potential to transform our sacred spaces and events into ethereal dreams, blending ancient tradition with modern potential.

unconventionally exquisite 

I design unique, contemporary floral art for weddings, events, and interiors. My signature style is classical with a Bohemian edge, fusing rebellious, unconventional style with timeless tradition. I am deeply inspired by architecture, fine art, anthropology, fashion, and nature. I create exclusively for pioneering spirits & rebels seeking the unique and refined. We keep one foot in the past and one foot in the future, balanced on the edge of creation. 

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