It's an exciting time to be chic.

 My journey


In 2004 I was introduced to secondhand shopping, and I have never looked back. The variety, uniqueness, and range of vintage and pre-loved items available in thrift shops sparked my imagination and opened a new world of possibility for self-expression, allowing me to experiment with a range of styles over the past decades. 

Almost twenty years later I found myself sharing the vintage styles I love with chic women all over the world through Bohemian Branches, and my love for this art only grows. It is an honor to share my passion and experience with sustainable style in a culture of rising consumer awareness and empowerment. 

Holistic Sustainability

The future of fashion is sustainability. Bohemian Branches is dedicated to supporting the principles of harmony, well-being, and balance in fashion through the promotion of timeless, sustainable style. 

Planet, Mind, Body, Soul

My brand's fashion ethic is deeply inspired by anthropologist Tim Ingold's dwelling perspective, a proposition for living harmoniously with the natural world as opposed to domination, separateness, and aggressive exploitation of resources. In the age of fast fashion, finding the beauty in pre-worn items and embracing them in our wardrobe is a small act of humility and grace with a big impact. When we learn to want better, not more, and to make conscious decisions with our spending power, we take an active role in repairing our relationship with our environment. 


When it comes to fashion, I believe we can have it all without compromising the integrity of well-being:


Timelessness and trend; abundance and sustainability; beauty and practicality; & 

 creative evolution with responsibility for human and environmental welfare.

Our current collective challenge is to think bigger and act with intention on our growing awareness, approaching style with compassionate priorities. Honing on unique personal style and slowing our pace of consumption promotes a healthy relationship with fashion that fosters healing and sustainability.