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How to Plan Your Dream Elopement in Five Steps

In my opinion, elopements are the best way to wed. Do you feel the same? If you're interested in eloping, here are five tips to help you plan the perfect day.

1. Choose a Location:

Decide on a location that's meaningful to you and your partner, whether that's a beautiful outdoor setting, a cozy cabin, or a bustling city street. Elopements offer great creative liberty since you don't have to factor in guests and the extra costs that come with a larger ceremony. The whole world is a potential venue!

Photo by Amariah Roderick. @amariahroderickphoto

2. Hire a Photographer and/or Videographer:

Even though your elopement may be small, it's still important to have beautiful photos and video to remember the day by. Hire a photographer who specializes in elopements and can capture the magic of your special day. One who understands your aesthetic preferences and empathizes with your love story, and who demonstrates professionalism. Since they will be one of the only people present as you wed, it's important you love their personality and are able to communicate comfortably and clearly with them. You want this person to feel like a friend and work like a competent professional.

Photo by Amariah Roderick. @amariahroderickphoto

3. Choose Meaningful Details:

Whether it's a special song, a meaningful poem, or a favorite flower, include details in your elopement that are personal and reflect your unique relationship. Since you're likely saving lots of money on a wedding, you might consider investing more into your details to enhance your experience. For example, I LOVE flowers and pasta. If I were eloping, I would invest in extravagant, fragrant floral design and amazing food and drinks at a table set just for me and my husband to enjoy somewhere we love and feel comfortable. With an elopement, executing on personal preferences and extravagances is more justifiable and achievable because you are sure to have the time and space to enjoy them fully.

Photo by Amariah Roderick. @amariahroderickphoto

4. Write Your Vows:

If you enjoy expressing yourself verbally, write heartfelt vows that express your love and commitment to each other. If you don't feel comfortable with this tradition, opt for something unique, like exchanging a love note or letter for your partner to read silently. Not everyone feels comfortable with the same levels and expressions of intimacy, and that does not diminish their love or character. If you love verbal expression, this is your moment to shine with beautiful vows. This is a chance to really personalize your wedding ceremony and make it special, meaningful, and comfortable.

Photo by Amariah Roderick. @amariahroderickphoto

5. Celebrate Together:

Ah, the best part. The reason for it all. Every wedding, regardless of form, is a celebration of love. What I love most about elopements is that couples get to enjoy each other fully in the moment without being distracted by hosting their guests. It is not uncommon for a couple to hardly see each other or spending any time together at their traditional wedding. To me, that defeats the purpose, and I know many couples feel the same. After the ceremony, celebrate your love with a special meal or activity that's just for the two of you. This is a chance to really connect and reflect on your beautiful day.

Photo by Amariah Roderick. @amariahroderickphoto


Elopements are weddings that are fully your own, completely comfortable, and completely personalized. There are endless benefits, and for many couples they are the ideal way to wed. If you're planning an elopement, I hope this helps you focus on what matters and to feel free to be completely authentic.

Don't forget to browse our blog for all the planning and style resources you need to plan the perfect elopement.

Wishing you clarity, peace, and joy on your planning journey.

With love,



P.S. All photos featured in this article are by Amariah Roderick Photography. I highly recommend her for your wedding, elopement, and engagement photos. She is a destination photographer and an expert in dreamy romantic & editorial style.

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