My clients are unique but always share one thing in common: They are elegant, timeless, and sophisticated, and plan their events in exquisite taste. 


I create unique floral designs with a wide variety of materials ranging from fresh to faux, all of premium quality. Each option has advantages, and options can be combined to achieve your vision. I honor your preferences and work with you to bring your vision to life. 


In my commitment to return the wedding industry to love, I have simplified the floral design process for my clients offering transparent pricing models and luxury design in alignment with my core values- beauty, authenticity, service, elegance, & sophistication. 



My floral design services are simplified with a pricing model that places your unique budget and aesthetic vision at the center of the design process.



Establish your budget

Only you know the value you place on floral design and what you are comfortable spending.

Big or small, your budget acts as your compass determining the volume, size, quantity, and style of florals for your event. I do not offer quotes or standardized pricing, but instead work with your budget to design your dream florals. 


Determine scope and vision

After your budget is established it's important to determine the scope of the work and your aesthetic vision. Here, you list the designs you require for your event with as much accuracy as possible, then we work together to fine tune the details and make sure your budget and the scope of the work are aligned. 


Retainer & contract

If we determine your budget suits your vision for your floral designs and you want to retain my services, we can move forward with the retainer for my services and sign the contract. 


Design brief

After you have retained my services, I create a customized design brief including the details of your event to ensure accuracy and serve as a reference during the design phase of the work. 





My four step inquiry process is detailed below. 

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